FlashGet-mini Ads Free

FlashGet-mini Ads Free 1.4

Developed by Leecher Mods
1.4.0 (See all)

- remove stats send to urls (mstat.flashget.com, s4area.flashget.com:8083, stat*...clientaction) see http://code.google.com/p/hostsx/source/browse/trunk/AcrylicHosts.txt
- remove ShareURL Service (* /fg4/sul,...)
- remove invalid url's (,...)
- Trackers & BT related left as is in btcoreu.dll they are:
torrent.info, bt.5qzone.net,,, btmitan.3322.org, btmitanl.3322.org, btfans.3322.org, bt.cnxp.com, bt.gamesir.com, router.flashget.com, router.167bt.com, router.167bt.com:554, router.lanspirit.net, router.bittorrent.com, btinfo.flashget.com, nat.flashget.com
- use Google for file search (type %20 instead of space between words - space breaks into 2 browser windows open bug)
- remove unused res in flashget program exe (skins are used)
- compact gfx (bmp rle, png's)
- reduce program size
- rebuild exe and setup without 3th party toolbar install
- several setup types with without tcpip patch, upnp tool, bho click catcher
- add Firefox 4 working extension link
- add DM-Bridge oGet for Google Chrome extension link
- changed Skin
- reduce uninstaller file size

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